Research and essay writing are vital aspects of today’s learning curricula. Students are expected to develop their writing skills as they advance through each level of the education system. That is why college and graduate school students are expected to deliver high quality academic papers. However, time-bound schoolwork and assignments that come with varying degrees of difficulty and complexity can cause stress and pressure. Writing an excellent essay is already a great challenge. Getting bombarded with loads of essay assignments takes the bar a notch higher in the pressure ladder. This trend persists from junior high through graduate level with research and writing tasks constituting 20% – 80% of their grades (Benitez, 2016). They could definitely use a hand when it comes to producing quality essays, even if it involves unorthodox ways. There are some students who hire “helpers” to write for them while many others opt to buy essays online. Although teachers and professors may argue that paying professional writers is still cheating, students find this as an efficient solution.

Essay Writing Service Providers

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Essay writing services companies primarily offer their services to businesses and professionals. The rise in demand for students in need of essay writing assistance later came about. Some students would provide mere outline and drafts. Others would only need help with proofreading and polishing. While the rest will just send in the full instructions and let the essay writing service provider take care of everything. To fulfill these demands, essay writing service providers such as Rush Essay and PerfectEssay prepare a collection of general essay topics which most students would likely to have. These service providers even have an ocean of complete essays on every topic a student might require. This makes it faster for these providers to fulfill the essay orders while keeping quality in check. Students do not need to worry about plagiarism as these service providers embody academic etiquette.

Short Essay Samples

There are plenty of interesting essay topics to write about. To give you a headstart, experts from PerfectEssay present to you two short essays below:

A Geology Student’s Short Personal Statement Essay

I have always been fascinated with the geography of the land of my birth, Canada. This inspired me to pursue studies related to Canadian geography even though my family moved to the US. To keep this fascination alive, read journals about field researches conducted on some interesting geographies in Canada. The last one I read had been about the John Evans Glacier. Due to my interests, I even took up a minor in geographic information systems along with my bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering. I am currently a part of a team which aims to develop a technology for tracing historical data. I even took up an advanced course called Spatial Data Structures and Algorithms. These are in preparation for further studies on geographic information systems (GIS).

As such, I am interested in pursuing GIS at the University of Alberta. I believe the university’s strengths is in line with what I want to achieve for my career. I got further interested in pursuing higher studies in the university because of its field study at the Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, Canada. This research was an application of the university’s strengths in glaciology and computer science.

For my graduate thesis, I plan to study various methodologies to improve GIS data models wherein the variable “time” will be taken into consideration to forecast climate change. For the long-term, I aspire to become a GIS field consultant and pursue further Ph.D. studies on reputable institutions. I believe that my background in computer science as well as my interests in geography can help me be a good asset to the university.

Why do you seek to join Teach For America?

Service is a principle from my religion which I aspire to embody to improve my personhood. In line with this, before college I went to Ecuador. I stayed there for a year to render community service. This was where I learned a great deal about many life experience, knowledge, fortitude to deal with various situations and stay strong despite being alone in another country. Backed up with these experiences, I must say I have a successful college life. One year of sacrifice in the spirit of service for a life-long fulfilling experience is sure worth it. Now that I am about to finish my college education, I look forward to be in another country to serve again. With Spanish as my second language, my teaching experience, and my passion to make a change, I aspire to be part of a community helping serve the underprivileged in my own country. Teach For America is an opportunity for me to improve myself by improving others. This is what motivates me to keep on learning and inspire other people on what I believe.

Overview of Short Essay Samples

The first essay sample establishes the geology student’s genuine aspiration to pursue further studies in GIS, particularly for the University of Alberta. He includes an overview of the experiences and studies relevant to this field, as well as his future plans of furthering his studies.

            In the second essay, the applicant has to convince the Teach for America program to accept her. In doing so, she cites relevant experiences in Ecuador before entering college and what she learned from these experiences. From the tone of her essay, it would be fair to judge how much she wanted to serve.

These are some of the essay samples which PerfectEssay can custom create for student clients depending on their requirements. For more list of essay topics, read on below.

10 Best Topics for Students’ Essay

Compiled by PerfectEssay, the list below shows several good topics to write an essay on:

  • Effects of bullying on children
  • How music affects mood
  • Causes why some people to repeatedly get involved in destructive relationships
  • Social media and its effect on the self esteem of young people
  • The influence of my favorite film/book on me
  • How travelling affects personality and happiness
  • Uber effect on traffic
  • Stress impact on health
  • The cause and effect of telling lies
  • What is your motivation for pursuing the college major of your choice


Indeed, research and essay writing are vital aspects of measuring a student’s grasp on learning curricula. However, some essay requirements might not be in line with the interests of a student; or that essay requirements become too many for a student to handle at the moment. As such, essay-writing services such as PerfectEssay can help students with the academe’s demand for high quality essays on time. This way, students get to fulfill the academic requirements while they focus on pursuing their passions.