What are the best websites for writers? It’s safe to say that there are hundreds to thousands of websites to publish writing for writers, but not all of them are good to go with, as many of them impose huge restrictions and limit their writers from writing and publishing something creatively. https://ocean-publishing.com present a list of websites where you can publish your creatively written articles.

Creative Thinking

If you are publishing writing for writers and want a platform where your work is showcased proficiently, then Creative Thinking is the best and most appropriate site for you. One of the core perks of publishing work on this site is that you can write and publish as much content as you like. Do not forget to check out the Archives section to have an idea of how to think and write like Darwin or Einstein.

Creativity Portal

Creativity Portal is yet another wonderful platform to publish creative content without any major issue or problem. Countless articles of how-to, guides and tips are published on this website on a daily basis. You can start by checking some of their articles and then send a suitable pitch. Once they approve the pitch, you can begin writing the content and make the required word count is met so that the article is not rejected. It is one of those very few websites for writing books for students where quality is given more preference than quantity.

Language Is A Virus

If your article has been rejected by many of the websites, then you should try this platform where writing exercises and text generators are present in a large number. It also has a platform where you can showcase your written work and can share it with your clients or potential employers to get paid writing projects.

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