Marijuana is made from shredded parts of the cannabis plant especially from the flowers, levels and the stems. Marijuana is also referred to as weed, pot hash just to mention a few. Some people might prefer to smoke or vape while other prefer to buy marijuana and use it as an ingredient in drinks foods and oils. Some of the different methods used to consume marijuana might affect the body in different ways. When a person inhales marijuana the smoke enters into the lungs and the drug is released into the bloodstream, then to the brain and other organs of the body.

There are controversies in the effects of marijuana on the body of a person. Some people say that marijuana cause both physical and psychological effects, discomfort, relieving pain and relaxation. When marijuana enters into the bloodstream it causes the following. Users have impaired judgments, increased anxiety, burning mouth, increased symptoms of depression and memory problems. Marijuana affects the brain whereby feelings of euphoria are stimulated by the brain cells. When marijuana is inhaled the feelings of euphoria are immediate. When the drug is ingested in the food or drinks it takes much longer for the feelings of euphoria to get stimulated.

Other changes include changes in the moods of an individual. Some of the users usually experience a sensory perception that is heightened where colors tends to appear more vivid and noises becomes much louder. Consumption of marijuana leads to increased appetite. In other cases marijuana causes elation, short memory, anxiety, and tachycardia. Additionally, smoking marijuana causes problems to the respiratory systems such as acute chest illness, breathing problems, coughing, and lung infections. Smoking marijuana increase the chances of an individual suffering from lung cancer. According to studies at Hamilton online dispensary in men marijuana reduces sperm production and can also disrupt the menstrual cycle of women. Lastly, long term use of marijuana cause irritability, anxiety, sleeplessness, and decreased appetite.

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