Yes, Marijuana is very addictive. Some of the recent data from health organizations show that 7 out of 10 individuals taking marijuana will be addicted to the drug. Additionally, those people who start taking marijuana from the age of 18 years are five to eight times likely to develop marijuana use disorders compared to adults. Addiction of marijuana is associated with dependence when an individual starts experiencing withdrawal of symptoms when the drug is not consumed. People who consume marijuana experience difficulties in sleep, anxiety, restlessness, and increased appetite or mood alterations. The dependent of marijuana occurs when the body and the brain adapts to taking large amount of the drug.

Consuming LSD strain or other marijuana becomes an addiction when individuals are unable to stop taking it despite the fact that the drug is interfering with some aspects of their life. Dependence of marijuana occurs when the brain of the user gets used to weed being in their system and, as a result, this reduces the production of endocannabinoid receptors. However, it is very possible for a person to become dependent on marijuana without causing any addiction. Frequent use of marijuana causes depression and symptoms of depression as well. Addiction has also been cause because marijuana readily available to the users. Users can use mail order weed online in Montreal to have weed delivered to them instantly. Addiction of marijuana transpires when a person continues to consume the drug even though one is aware of the negative consequences of the drug in their lives like poor job performance, being arrested or losing a job.

A person who is dependent or addicted to marijuana can be referred to as an abuser. Such individuals possess the following behaviors; marijuana starts to play the main role on their lives, losing control easily, spending more time to acquire and smoke marijuana. Such people will also start denying claims that they are addicted when confronted. Therefore, marijuana is considered to be very addicted and addicts are advised to seek medical treatment because marijuana is very dangerous to their health and can cause complex health problems like cancer.

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