Ocean Publishing is a small publishing house that specializes in four types of books.


Recognizing that there are a lot of personal stories that others would be interested in, Ocean Publishing seeks out those individuals who have had fascinating life experiences and wants to tell about them. Our first book in this category, The Berman Connection, is an autobiography by a retired military officer who shares his personal and professional life during the critical Cold War period. As an intelligence officer in Latin America during the time of rightist dictators, communist-inspired insurgencies, and global fear of nuclear Armageddon, the author offers a first-hand look into the worlds of U.S. intelligence and diplomacy.

Future works focus on those who experienced military life during World War II, the Korean Conflict, and Southeast Asia. Other projects center on those in business, religion, or government who also have had exciting lives and an important story to tell.


Ocean Publishing publishes books about Florida’s unique environment and the wildlife that inhabit its land and waters. The first publication by Ocean Publishing in this category is Frank’s Whales, a firsthand account of a volunteer-based monitoring of the North Atlantic right whales along the northeast coast of Florida. One of the most endangered large mammals in the world, the right whale travels from Canada and New England to give birth to 2,000 pound calves off the coast of Georgia and Florida. Frank’s Whales tells the fascinating story of these 50-ton mammals and the efforts of a small group of dedicated volunteers who are contributing important research about the whales and their calves.


No one likes a good adventure more than the publisher of Ocean Publishing. He’s had his share of excitement over the years and looks forward to lots more. Right now, he’s committed to publishing the exploits of others, and maybe one or two if his own set in Kuwait, Algeria, or Guatemala. Our editors are seeking intriguing true tales of adventure, whether on land or sea, or in the air.


Rather than publish the standard book about some boring business topic, Ocean Publishing looks for a unique slant on critical business subjects. For example, books in the works right now include: a look at how personal ego and the desire for revenge sabotaged a new company start-up; leadership by actions, not words; executive responsibility and accountability; and more. Our desire is to publish books that inspire readers to take strong, positive roles in their organizations, regardless of their official title or position.